Alex Edgington

Interior Design BA(Hons)

This is Fermentations, a home brew retail store, tap room and brew room. The proposal is for a retail experience to revolutionise the hobby by appealing to young adults, an underrepresented minority of brewers. I considered a recent experience day and 'craft beer' trends in creating a memorable space which benefits the community through socialisation and shared experiences.
Home brewing is a niche hobby, but one which deserves a revival as younger generations embrace the handcrafted and refuse to settle for the mass produced. The inclusion of the tap and brew rooms invites customers to delve and discover. A framework is created in the space that links the experience of enjoying the end product with the process of experimenting and making it yourself.
The most enjoyable aspect of the project for me was the spatial manipulation. I attempted to create new and interesting lines of sight within the space and form a stronger connection between the three levels. I played with floor heights to suggest different areas without the use of walls or partitions, while being sympathetic to the existing site.
I am actively seeking a junior design role within an architecture or interior design practice.