Arianne Brewerton

Interior Design BA(Hons)

The Brief: To design a UK flagship space for the brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which will encourage self- expression and experimentation.
For my FMP I wanted to push my creative boundaries by creating a space which represents everything I stand for - being free to express yourself without judgement. My time at University has taken me on a very personal journey of self-discovery and my final year project has really given me a creative outlet to become my true self throughout the research and design process.
Having taken on a summer placement between first and second year, as I was undecided about opting for a full year placement, allowed me to decide on my chosen career path post-graduation. With a desire to help others I’ve decided to pursue a PGCE in Secondary Education and teach Design and Technology, having a degree in Interior Design has expanded my knowledge of how the subject can be implemented in to the ‘Real World’. In the future I see myself in a Leadership role helping students along in their education and making a difference to young peoples lives.