Ebony Whittaker

Interior Design BA(Hons)

I worked in the lingerie industry for 4 years, and I've seen everything. From being a fitting specialist to setting new floorsets - my experiences have left me wondering why it only markets to specific body types, I see and experience this every single shift. I wanted to find out exactly why.
After my extensive research study into the whole industry, I was only left with more questions: why aren't stores proud of selling lingerie to people with disabilities? Why do they push this product to the back of the stores? And where are all the post-mastectomy bras? - they love to market 'post surgery' for people who've undergone breast implant surgeries, but not breast removals from cancer? I have so many questions, and no one is talking about this.
I decided to answer my questions by creating a brand that's inclusive to all. A space where anyone can walk in and out feeling uplifted and confident, and most importantly with bras and lingerie that actually fit. Emmeline lingerie celebrates all bodies, and provides an experience like no other in the bra & lingerie industry.