Elena Istrati

Interior Design BA(Hons)

‘A good story starts with a good pen’
The voyage of the final major project started with a passion, a passion for pens and writing tools that then elevated into the desire of designing an immersive pen retail experience with the aim of celebrating the beauty of writing, thus connecting people using both the stories behind pens as object and as tools that express stories on paper. The project provides a new vision on how people might visualize writing tools and enhance customers’ involvement by presenting pens and pencils as masterpieces, as well as discovering new experience beyond their habitual use.
The interior design degree at the University of Huddersfield influenced the way I envisage an interior. I have discovered that the role of an interior designer is to find the balance between the functionality and the aesthetic of a space, as well as what can an interior offer within the interaction with the audience. After my 3 years journey, my passion for design elevated and I am looking forwards to discover new opportunities and see what the design industry represents.


CV+ taster portfolio for your reference

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