Heather Sharp

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Project Euphoria is a pop-up wellness dining experience designed to solve the lack of food experiences and innovation in the UK festivals food market, which is currently dominated by street food vendors. Taking influence from picnics and the innovative wellness trend of CBD, teas' and desserts are CBD infused and all picnic food suits all dietary requirements. Euphoria's purpose is to induce you into a calming & relaxing mind-set that helps you escape from the busy atmosphere of Glastonbury music festival. The conceptual approach of Mother-Earth and mysticism has inspired an ethereal design aiming to enlighten all the consumers senses.
I am an aspiring designer with strong interests to work in Film & TV production design, hospitality and pop-up events. My inner resilience and determination throughout the current pandemic has allowed me to progress with my project independently, and actively use my initiative in the key design decisions of Euphoria. I have a fun, outgoing and approachable personality which I believe is present through the creativity and originality of my work. I would like to explore work opportunities in northern cities such as Manchester & Leeds. However, I am also open minded to the exciting prospect of exploring opportunities elsewhere across the country