Kamila Lemanska

Interior Design BA(Hons)

The brief is to design a 'working showroom’ for Thoma Moon Wood which creates an immersive environment allowing designers and architects to explore how to incorporate a health promoting and sustainable material into their practice. Moon wood refers to wood harvested during the waning moon. This creates quality wood that does not have any insect infestations, cracks or splits. It is also 100% natural, anti allergenic, and health beneficial. This working showroom for moon wood allows designers to immerse in an environment which is inspired by the "shinrin yoku" concept meaning forest bathing, a scientifically proven 30min daily walk in the forest which improves our health and this reflects in the customer journey. However cliché this may sound, I am sure most interior designers share the same story as to having a childhood connection to design and how they would change their bedroom layout every so often. I share this experience and consider this a gift. The spacial awareness and critical thinking combined with an artistic spirit is what brought me here today. I am proud to say I have found my life calling and want to continue this journey with professional company or grow my knowledge with a masters degree.