Karolina Noworolska

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Studio & Store is a future concept for a beauty retail store with embedded cross channel content designed to satisfy 21st century expectations. It is a bespoke scheme, tailored to the functional and emotive needs of current and future generations. An innovative, make-up shopping experience with a direct connection to social media platforms to engage customers, viewers, creators and brands. The space uses the significance of make-up layers as a conceptual driver to highlight products and the shopping experience. This will help customers to understand each step of the make-up process and the role of each product in the application process. The space reflects brand’s character as well as providing a unique experience, whilst following and forecasting future trends, expectations and social media power. I feel the project reflects my personality, as I always try to think forward and search for an innovation in every aspect of design, asking what can lead us to modify our vision about how spaces are designed in the future? Design is my biggest passion and an inseparable part of my life, it allows me to extend my creativity, feel the freedom of creation and the satisfaction of resolving.