Megan Kittsen

Interior Design BA(Hons)

The Wedding Collective is a retail venture designed to help with the wedding planning process. It is a space that offers support to make important wedding planning decisions. Wedding Mentors are on-hand helping users to navigate the planning process with exploration pods, the space presents services offered by local entrepreneurs in the Wedding Business. Virtual Reality technology is used to help couples visualise their wedding and a flexible event space hosts events that support couples giving them the confidence to be their own wedding planner. The whole places aims to take the stress out of the wedding planning experience creating a more enjoyable and affirming process.

My final major project was really helpful for me to discover further about typologies and how they can merge together so that a space isn’t just one typology. So a space isn’t just a work space, or isn’t just a retail space. It has also expanded my experience with designing an extra typology different to the one typology mediums of first and second years and the bars and restaurants from my placement. It has made me super excited to be able to design more complex spaces in the future that can combine what I learnt from this project.



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