Nadia Wrotecka

Interior Design BA(Hons)

As a brand, ANTIDOTE recognises that although the health industry is one of the most invested fields in the world, it is often left out in terms of playful and stress-free design.

ANTIDOTE opens the doors to reinvented clinical design, through the introduction of a multifunctional wellbeing space that tackles nutritional deficiencies by using custom smoothies as a gentle ice-breaker for a new concept of IV Therapy to the people of Leeds. The space revolutionises a concept of ‘comic clinical’ which integrates function with an experimental spirit.
The space provides a personal experience using a brand-new system to allow customers to book treatments, record their progress and connect with people alike, inside and outside of ANTIDOTE by utilising custom hospital bands which allow the user to navigate and tailor their experience within a simple app.

Creating quirky, future focussed projects is my forte, as I strive to explore new ways to innovate design, which I hope to pursue in my upcoming career as a designer. I hope to find work in commercial design based in West Yorkshire, Manchester or London, somewhere that will allow me to continue the creativity and to further push the boundaries of design.