Natalia Ledger

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Hi! I’m Natalia, a 22 year old based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. I have an aptitude for being Outgoing, Communicative and Reliable. My forte is designing physically, from ordering samples to solidify my materiality or creating 3D Laser cut MDF & Steel models, I thrive on modelling and creating hands on. Whilst also designing personalised gifts on Etsy in my spare time.

The project I am presenting you with is something over the past year, I can say I have put my heart and soul into 100%. With the brief originally stemming from my Dad’s love of Motorbikes, which is something I have been surrounded with my entire life. BMW’s, Triumph’s, Honda’s, (many visits to watch races at Silverstone & Caldwell), all this knowledge I almost never realised I had came into use!

With the concept of Balance and the Sheffield Steel Site History driving the project forward, Stainless Speed was born! A One-Stop Place for bikers (& non-bikers) to visit, here customers are able to Book Long-Haul trips, Insure, Health Check, Service and Showcase their bikes, Pick up online orders, Shop Retail, Grab a coffee at the outdoor local food trucks on the first floor and most importantly socialise with fellow bikers.