Paulina Uchwat

Interior Design BA(Hons)

The project is called “‘Rejuvenation’ Community Centre”. The brief for this project is to design an innovative and versatile community centre that provides for families and carers of people with Autism. Through implementing gardening and nature into the design, the space will offer mental support and improve the wellbeing of its users. The aims of the design are; to create an open and refreshing environment to allow for effortless movement between the areas, make the space feel natural and energetic through implementing nature, gardening and colour into the design and to provide as many activities as possible in order to accommodate for a wide range of audience.
The Final Year at the University has allowed me to truly carry a project from start to finish independently. I have learned to identify an issue, research it, provide a brief and resolve that issue through designing a meaningful and innovative space. I am a very ambitious and dedicated person and I am ready to join and support a team of designers in creating beautiful interiors for their clients. I am looking to work locally and I would love to have a chance to be involved in projects from beginning to completion.