Phoebe Williams

Interior Design BA(Hons)

PROJECT // . BALANCE - A future thinking wellness store

Embracing retail technology within its experience Balance reforms how people perceive physical store shopping. Providing a stress free, fit for wellness solution that’s disruptive to the current chore like high street scene, of stressful and frustrating retail environments.

Personalised face recognition recommendations, digital review shelving and product discovery touchpoints were designed with the brand and next generation of retail stores in mind, forming a store experience that’s simple, stress free and ultimately more appealing than virtual shopping by ‘balancing’ online and instore strengths within the touchpoints. The future thinking store also maintains personal and emotional brand connections with its members through design language, the journey and material choices, communicating brand personality.

BIO // . Wanting to walk into all interior spaces and be impressed by the aesthetics and creative function is what drives me to pursue a career in interior design. As well as wanting to make a difference in the design world, Interior design brings my love for planning, designing and creating in to a career that brings me great fulfilment. I now look forward to evolving further as a designer, taking my next step after graduating, looking for exciting interior Design work opportunities.