Sarah Holdsworth

Interior Design BA(Hons)

'Natural Connections' explores new possibilities surrounding workplace design. The implications of Nature Deficit Disorder (Behavioural changes that occur because of being disconnected from nature) drives the project as our working environments are becoming increasingly urban. By reflecting on possibilities that workplaces that can be tailored to suit modern working solutions Natural connections offers an innovative approach. The concept of the project is based on topography and local landscapes which informs the interior spaces to promote productivity, wellbeing, and a connected experience. Compared to previous projects, Natural Connections, was significantly different. Not only did I develop on my skills through Photoshop, In-Design , AutoCAD, some areas of 3DMax, and Sketchup, but I also learnt new ones. This included Revit, Premiere Pro, Twinmotion, Procreate and Illustrator. This passion for software came from exploring a new 3D modelling society, I met a range of new friends and professional people who are just as determined to explore the new opportunities there are in design and professional practices. I thrive to develop my skills and I am keen to be part of in the design industry embedding the knowledge I have gained over 3 years, at university into future projects, alongside learning new skills.