Taylor Drake

Interior Design BA(Hons)

'Bulb & Clove' is a restaurant that had its own concept that which lead the design. After research, I discovered that ‘one product’ restaurants are very popular. I designed a restaurant where every dish on the menu contains garlic, The garlic plant itself consists of 4 main elements the roots, bulb, stem and flower. I took these elements, deconstructed them and layered them out across 3 floors of the building. ‘The Allium’ is the Ground floor (entrance) which is the main restaurant and kitchen based on the bulb itself. ‘The Garden’ is the 1st floor, a relaxed bar area reflecting the flower. ‘The Underground’ in the basement which consists of an Instagrammable corridor leading on to toilets.
This project has been thoroughly enjoyable, I have learnt my strengths and improved my weaknesses within myself and my work. Studying and working in the industry helped to give me a good understanding of the realistic expectations when designing a restaurant. I enjoy every aspect of the design process, although I believe visualising and branding is one of my strengths and something I would like to pursue in the future.