Alicia Cann

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Hotel V

Vegan hotel aiming to educate and enlighten

For my Final Major Project, I created a vegan hotel. As someone who follows a plant-based diet myself I have noticed there is a lot of social stigma around the subject. I wanted to create a space where these boundaries did not exist. Hotel V aims to create a unique experience for each guest and show them how a plant-based diet can be beneficial for their lives. They want nothing more than for guests to feel fully accepted and comfortable within the space no matter their knowledge and understanding of what a plant-based diet is.

My time at University has taught me a lot about how to work more independently and my final year project has really given me a creative outlet to become my true self throughout the research and design process. After graduating, I want to start my career within the residential interior design sector and have an impact on the future of design.