Alyssia Hanson

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Sip + Sculpt

Clay Craft Café

Sip + Sculpt is designed to allow its customers to unwind in a space where they can work through their stress and break down barriers around mental health. It has been designed with the goals of facilitating connection, inspiring the imagination, and creating an oasis of positivity and comfort. Conceptual influence has derived from the slow living movement alongside the key words 'balance' and 'floating'. Customers are encouraged to lock away their devices, distancing themselves from the use of social media, allowing themselves to embrace their creativity and get messy.

I have a fun, outgoing personally which I believe reflects within my design style. I am currently looking for a Junior position within an Interior Design Firm and I am open to other new and exciting opportunities. I have two years’ experience in domestic design, which I believe alongside my three years studying mainly retail and hospitality gives me a wide overall knowledge into the Interior Design Field. I have a strong ability to pay attention to the finer details and feel I’m equipped in catering to clients individual needs.