Amy Rigby

Interior Design BA(Hons)

New Horizons Cub House

Brief; An experiential adventure and event planning space including digital booking hubs and learning zones.

New Horizons has been created for the retired generation with the intention of creating a place for them to counteract any regrets they have through life. Through research, I found that retired people have many regrets about things they have missed out on during their working lives but, don’t have anywhere to go to explore and resolve these.  The space has been created to encourage and support a second life with access to fun and exciting activities. Activities include participating in new experiences by trying them out in the VR zone, booking experiences, learning about the digital world and improving skills, or just socialising and meeting new people of a similar ages and interests. The concept is based around ‘a walk in the park’ which makes entering the club house an experience in itself, as the concept can be seen in the layout and other features.

This project has allowed me to look at design through a new and exciting light by creating a fun space from start to finish. It has made me passionate about finding a position within the design industry.