Anna Schiniou

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Mediterranean Supper Club

THE BRIEF: To create a Mediterranean Supper Club with healthy Mediterranean food, a music and dancing experience and opportunities for face to face connections and socialism.

THE CONCEPT: A connecting experience. To bring people closer, and built connections between individuals, friends, family, or book a reservation to meet new people, connect and communicate with them in the present moment, by providing healthy dining Mediterranean based food experience and a memorable fun clubbing journey with live music from a DJ for an enjoyable night out. Both floors have a Mediterranean aesthetic (colours of Mediterranean, mostly naturally based materiality, etc). The ground floor, introduces a new way of healthy eating with Mediterranean flavours and offers the ability to connect and communicate with the person next to you while enjoying the food. The second floor, offers a memorable nightlife experience with music, dancing, and drinking to help the clients to escape from their daily routine and enjoy a fun night out. Moreover, the interactive screens on the second floor is an amazing way for the clients to participate as well, this adds more experience in their journey and creates more memories. Its also a great way to help them meet and connect with even more people through the screens.