Belle Truman

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Plant M*lk Bar: Café,

Retail and Demonstration Classes Location: Briggate, Leeds, UK

Brief: A Milk Bar that emphasises the experience of trying something new by allowing people to enjoy the benefits of plant m*lk.

Concept: Customisation through Light & Colour and Space

The Plant M*lk Bar is a space for people to enjoy vegan food and drinks made with freshly made plant m*lk. Also, people can learn how to make plant m*lk in the demonstration area, as well as gaining advice about its benefits. The seating has been designed in zones to allow people to choose what type of seating is most comfortable for them. Some seating zones are designed with elements of privacy for those who desire a more intimate setting: the booth seating. Some zones have a bit of privacy due to their location in the space: the window seating and the soft seating by the living wall. Other zones are more open and allow people to observe the space: the tiered seating and M*LK! Wall seating. The kitchen bar offers a place for people to have their drinks personalised and made right in front of them.


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