Chloe Elwell

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Energy Creation

Alcohol Free Nighttime Venue with customisable experience options.

Energy Creation focuses on Individuality and creativity. I enjoy night-time venues, however I realised they have become repetitive and haven’t developed for a long time. Through research I found the drinking habits of 16–24-year-olds have decreased over the last 5 years due to education around healthy lifestyles, showing there is demand for a new approaches to the night-time economy. This project aims to create something unexpected where people can express themselves, be creative and ultimately have fun. Energy Creation is split into two separate floors. Ground floor, the ‘Expressive Floor’, customers can dance and express themselves with friends. First floor the ‘Customisation Floor’, customers can book customisable pods to choose their own music and lighting, creating their ideal night. Immersed intrigue became the concept for Energy Creation allowing for exploration into the manipulation of the fast pace environment of a night-time venue and how light is distorted through this movement.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this project; it has allowed me to discover my strengths and improve my weaknesses. Creating quirky, innovative design concepts is my passion, allowing me to push boundaries and try something new which I hope to continue to explore in my future design career.