Ellie Holmes

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Refresh Study Hub

A playful study hub with the concept ‘work hard, play hard’. 

This is a space for university students that encourages the incorporation of fun and play alongside studying, while allowing users to enhance and establish a study schedule. The target audience is 18–24-year-old students looking to find an escape from studying, as well as providing a place to study. Through research, it was found that many students are struggling to escape their home working environment, with everything relating to one space, creating a negative impact on their concentration and productivity. This project aims to allow students to engage in a social working environment, separate from a library, where some students find the quietness distracting, feeling they “can’t turn a page without others noticing”. By providing both social and private study areas, with a colour scheme that motivates productivity and a positive mind set, as well as spaces where they are able to break away from their studies to play, refresh their minds and relax, this project allows students to maintain a healthy relationship with their work.

I am currently actively seeking a role within the Interior Design Industry.