Grace McKnight

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Bare Necessities

An integrative medicine retail store that explores our relationship with plants.

Bare is set in the heart of London, its exterior has the appreciative nod to its surrounding architecture the interior challenges the very essence of the applications of a traditional retail space. From living displays to underground enchantments, the space pushes boundaries without pushing us. With limited screens and futuristic tech, consumers are required to interact with the products, staff and each other to gain information, something that 21st century retail has lost. This space tackles our understanding of both ourselves and nature, which we take advantage of on a daily basis. The 3 floors provide a range of plants in various states, each designated with its own identity and product allowing it to have personality that compliments and focuses customer attention on the intended purpose.

Final year has been a challenging one, however a year that gave me insight into the foundations for this FMP. I am hopeful that the principals of this project could be taken forward in future designs. As a designer I enjoy, tackling problems and taking action by challenging the norm and this is what I wish for in my future career.