Heather Martin

Interior Design BA(Hons)


Luxury Garment Up-cycling Retail

The Brief: To revolutionize Up-cycling in the retail industry through the manipulation of contemporary retail and technology. The clothing industry does not recycle materials it cannot sell, this means an increasing amount of materials are being thrown away instead of being re-cycled and re-used which,  further contributes to the global environmental crisis. The solution seems obvious: employ artists who love up-cyling and using what normally gets discarded, to craft into new items people will love to wear!

Research showed that many people feel negatively about purchasing pre-owned items. Re-Fashioned places a luxurious twist on up-cycled clothing to encourage more people to do more to save the environment and to look good doing it! The Concept within the retail environment was developed by the silhouettes and shapes inspired by the human body which can be seen within the lighting features. Materials within the space were also extremely important to consider as it needed to be luxury as well as sustainable and natural.