Hollie Kneeshaw

Interior Design BA(Hons)


Location- New Station Street, Leeds

BRIEF: Design an engaging and on trend bar experience with aims to educate the younger generation of consumers, on the wasted by-products of gin.

CONCEPT: Light Separation// derived from the process of separating the botanicals from the liquid, in the gin infusing process.

Research showed that gin consumption is an ever-growing trend and with one distillery alone, producing on average 2 tonnes of spent botanicals a week, there is an increasing problem of waste. Infusion is a closed-loop distillery which helps to combat the waste of spent botanicals used in gin infusion within the industry. Staff infuse the gin on-site and re-use the spent botanicals making jam and other condiments within the Laboratory, this means the botanicals do not go to waste and are given new life, in a delicious and innovative way. Customers have the opportunity to immerse themselves further into all of these process’, including tasting the gin or observing the Laboratory on the mezzanine. Customers also have the opportunity to take part in the gin infusing process themselves in the Infusion room.