Jasmin Hardy

Interior Design BA(Hons)


Non-Binary, Gender Inclusive Hair Salon

DARE Hair looks towards the new generation of gender inclusive hair styling salons. After researching the importance of hair in gender/self-identity it became apparent that the hair industry needed a new approach to it’s mainly binary format. Using the concept of fluidity, which was also inspired by the limitless creativity of the metaverse, DARE Hair aims to create a gender inclusive environment for people to experiment with their appearance aided by the integration of smart technology. Whether it be someone wanting to experiment with a bold alternative hairstyle or someone exploring their gender expression, everyone is welcome and encouraged at DARE Hair.

This Final Major Project has become a vessel for me to explore new approaches of communication, giving me the room to teach myself new programs such as Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. Throughout my time at university my projects have been driven with the edges of society in mind, so being able to create DARE Hair with the concentration being on the LGBTQ+ community has pushed me to create a thorough, well researched final design. I am thankful to those who are part of the community that were willing to share their experiences with me and I dedicate this project to them.