Lauren Booth

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Botanical Magnitude

Gin Bar

Botanical Magnitude has exceeded the initial concept idea and expanded into a fascinating project, expanding the technology advances prior to the pandemic and focusing on the improvement of the forthcoming gin bars. Set in the heart of Manchester, Botanical magnitude is a post pandemic gin bar. Guests can indulge in an exclusive gin tasting experience on the first floor, with a floor to ceiling architectural concept design. Made from GRG, embedded with LED lighting and artificial botanicals that flow candidly across the room and continues throughout the venue. Guests can select their favourite gin from the motion censored screens incorporated in the first-floor bar, the colours selected will be reflected throughout the ground floor through LED screens, allowing the customers to feel connected to one another. Following the motion censored staircase down to the ground floor, leads you to the drinks area. Each table is fitted with motion censored screens which extend out from the tables, ending the use of paper menus.

This project has allowed me to expand my skills and create a professional package, to be industry ready. Each experience has developed my knowledge and creativity, which I can use in industry and continue to grow as a designer.



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