Luke Pierce

Interior Design BA(Hons)


A creative community workplace and social hub, driven by the concept of Perspective

This is project Parmilia, which is dedicated to the people of Huddersfield. Parmilia sets out to celebrate the creative culture the town has to offer as well as providing co-working spaces and meeting hubs for hire. With the ground floor open to the public, the space offers the opportunity for an exhibition of work, which can be enquired through the company website, or at reception. The ground floor also offers space for creative events and performances, with the aim of providing new experiences and introducing people to new cultural arts. Parmilia also has a kitchen space located on the ground floor, that features a local guest chef every Friday to offer new food experiences to its guests and give the restaurants the chefs are representing more exposure. Parmilia also wishes to send out lengths of fabric to local schools, care homes and to stands in the streets of Huddersfield to have people tie knots in the fabric. This fabric will then be exhibited from the ceilings throughout the space. Serving mainly as wayfinding, highlighting important areas within the space, the fabric also represents the people of Huddersfield and celebrates individuality.