Natasha Henderson

Interior Design BA(Hons)


Music Hub

Mousai aims to create an immersive music venue focused on the benefits music provides, encouraging adults to learn an instrument and share their love of music. Playing an instrument and listening to music has been shown to reduce stress and boost happiness. However, time, money, confidence, and lack of knowledge on how to begin may hold people back. Therefore, the goal was to create a sociable Music Hub where individuals can come together to not only listen to music but learn to play musical instruments at an affordable price. The design is centred around creating a band experience sparking people’s passion for music and providing a solution to improve the customers mental health. The concept incorporates sound waves and how they can be used to make objects levitate, increase the speed plants grow and create electricity which helped to inspire the materials utilised throughout the Hub.

This project has allowed me to be creative and understand how to design for customers that may be struggling with their mental health. It has also allowed me to face difficulties head-on, making me a more independent designer that can confidently tackle future projects to a high standard.