Paccelli Sowerby

Interior Design BA(Hons)

22 Degrees

Sensorial Wine Experience; Aiming to democratise wine tasting for the younger consumer.

Location: Leeds

Concept: The grape, the vine and the vineyard

Question: How to mix up the traditional wine bar, reintroducing wine to the younger consumer in a fun, informal environment that focuses on learning through experience.

Aim: The project aims to create a reactive space with a hands-on approach to wine tasting, bringing people closer to natural wine by echoing the hand-crafted wine making process through design elements.

The Concept: Pays homage to the grape, taking cues from the grape, the vine and the vineyard to influence materiality, form and general look/feel.

Change: The space gives people the tools and info to embark on their own journey of discovery into the world of wine, whilst learning about the making process and being inspired by the urban vineyard environment.

Offering: More than just a huge variety of natural wine, 22 Degrees hosts a selfie label-boothe, interactive wine quiz, contact free bottle shop, self serve wine bar, sensory wine experience and roof terrace with sensory grape pods.

This project has a full technical pack and feasibility study both of which are available for download on my website.