Phoebe Borrill

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Studio 51

A cabaret venue highlighting the artistic journey of dancers, artists and performers to new audiences, encouraging patronage and involvement.

The arts are a combination of the creative skills and imagination an individual holds and can be demonstrated through numerous forms – visual, literary, and performing arts. These performances or pieces are often an expression of emotional content, which may evoke an emotional responses thus, leading to further engagement. During the research process, it was discovered that there is a lack of engagement within the Arts with young adults – only 33% are participating in arts activities. This research lead to the formation of the brief; An inclusive cabaret and arts venue to enhance engagement amongst a young audience. The concept behind the design is Connection & Movement, both ideas reflect the unique journey artist must go on during the artistic process. The phrases can also be seen within all artforms – during the artistic process and after. The design explores how physical, sensorial, and emotional connections can be developed and how movement is translated.

I specifically enjoyed the concept phase of this design project, as it allowed me to immerse myself in research and development, a stage of the design process I favour, as it encourages me to explore new ideas and create strong concepts.



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