Sarah Parkes

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Undefeated Location: Oxford Street, London

The Brief: An immersive experiential sportswear store for women that creates a feel-good factor through a holistic approach.

Research showed that an overwhelming number of females are faced with physical, mental and social barriers when participating in physical activities. Therefore, a key objective of the design proposal was to challenge and support the journeys women face in relation to their mind and body, by offering a personalised and unique fitting service within a female only sportswear store. The building is split into three key areas - Physical, Mental and Social:

PHYSICAL// The ground floor is focused on enhancing the body through high-performance sportswear. This zone also includes RFID technology self-checkout, collection points, beacon technology touchscreens, and AR Smart Mirrors.

MENTAL// The basement floor is concentrated on re-energising the customer’s mind and body by creating a multi-sensory experience. This includes a relaxation massage pod that indulges all the customer senses and helps them to escape from the busy retail stores on Oxford Street.

SOCIAL// The first floor is focused on maintaining the customer’s well-being by encouraging social interaction within the environment of a nutrition café. The material palette includes fresh and light materials that correspond with nutrition and healthy eating.