Aimée Dunne

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Equanimity! A social innovation in health and wellness. 

The design tackles gym fear with its focus on the importance of mental health and the barriers to participation in exercise, more specifically in a gym environment. 

The concept is grounded in graduated exposure and the influence of brain waves within the design. As users move vertically through the space, they are gradually exposed to the main fears around exercise, this approach intends to cater to the different journeys people can take towards a healthier lifestyle. On the ground floor you can connect with other users in the Togetherness Hub, spend time in the Community Garden, eat and learn in the Demo Zone for recipes on a budget. Including growing your own vegetables! On the first floor is the Mind Room, users interact with the installation 'Aura' to help them to understand their emotions with colour changing lighting. A VR space takes the user into a gym to help them to find their triggers. Finally on the second floor it is the Playroom, users play games and are educated on safe exercise through the act of play. 

This project derived from my own personal journey in gaining confidence and joy through exercise. I wanted to encourage the positive side to exercise and health.