Amelia Berry

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Refresh is an educational dental space to encourage and treat those suffering from dental fear and phobia. 

Refresh intends to create a space for those who are crippled by their fear and are looking for a permanent solution. This is a facility holds two types of journey and treatment, not simply surgical, the treatments provide a gradual journey for patients to work their way up to confidently receiving dental treatment again. Refresh is for those who want to reclaim the power of their healthcare, designed with the patient in mind. 

Wishing to explore the notion of  ‘a sensory journey through the space'  the natural rhythm concept was initiated by the sounds of the waves at the beach, sparking the concept of natural rhythms. journey. The concept led the design ethos, when looking at alleviating anxiety, the elements that relax our bodies the most, come from nature. Using this concept, Refresh aims to act as an antidote to the sterile, healthcare environment turning it into an immersive space aligning to our bodies' natural rhythm.