Ellie Houston

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Threespace for Degree 33 An innovative and future focused workspace for young professionals.

The objective is to change things up a little and discover the new world of work! Threespace aims to create a unique experience for the host company’s employees, in this case, Degree 33. To boost productivity whilst providing a strong sense of wellbeing and effective work environment. This is achieved by using a three-space model. Zones for work, play and rest with the ability for flexibility and collaboration.

Early research concluded that the global pandemic has seen a shift in different styles of working in a relatively short space of time. Although remote and hybrid styles have recently become the norm, encouraging people back to the office and into a collaborative environment has never been more relevant. The goal is to abolish the conventional 9-5 work routine within these spaces by supporting creative thinking through WORK, PLAY & REST for young, future focused professionals. The concept was a ‘No brainer’! “Offices must support all parts of the brain to allow for creativity”. This led to looking into how different brain wave frequencies triggered a different brain state: Beta (Work), Alpha (Play) and Delta (Rest).