Emma Hardaker

Interior Design BA(Hons)

SHIFT A regeneration and recuperation space for NHS workers, aiming to improve work-life balance and minimising the negative impacts of shift patterns. 

Studying the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic identified the decline in NHS shift workers mental wellbeing. SHIFT has been designed to function like a rehabilitation centre, a safe space for NHS workers to ‘switch off’. Due to the purpose of this project, SHIFT has been developed on a pilot site, located on NHS land. Adapting the existing structure of shipping containers, used for coronavirus testing and vaccination units, SHIFT will create a new function to what otherwise would go to landfill once the containers are no longer needed, as cases of the virus decrease. The ability to easily manipulate the formation of containers makes them ideal for SHIFT, as the proposal can be rolled out across multiple NHS sites, to tackle the initial problem on a larger scale, setting a standard across industries for the improvement of mental health support. SHIFT intends to offer a space that completely contrasts existing traditional design features of healthcare facilities; creating a relaxing, stress-free environment, aiming to address a current international issue whilst ‘helping those who help us’.



Emma Hardaker Interior Design CV 2022

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