Eoghan Ross

Interior Design BA(Hons)

PUSH is a brand and flagship store that provides retail space for sustainable and gender-neutral fashion brands. 

Due to the expenses of paying ethical wages, sourcing environmentally friendly fabric and using advanced technology to produce garments, sustainable brands struggle to find the budget to branch out of e-commerce stores. PUSH is here to change that. 

The store occupies three floors of the chosen site on Oxford Street, London, and uses innovative technology to blend the home comforts of online shopping with in-person retail to create a unique experience for every customer. PUSH tackles the issues around gender-neutral clothing fitting different gender body types by providing an on-site tailoring and alterations studio to make a customer's desired garment(s) the best possible fit. 

If you would like to learn more about PUSH as a brand and the overall design scheme, please download the Brand & Design Communication pack where you will also be able to find my contact details. A link is also available to view PUSH magazine which provides more information on the stocked brands (best on desktop).