Jordan Hopper

Interior Design BA(Hons)

The Blue Sky Lab A technologically driven experience that introduces and promotes Chinese concept car producer NIO to a European market in an exciting and immersive way. 

Throughout my time at university my enthusiasm for technology has led me to create spaces that demonstrate the impact technology can have on interior design through both convenient and immersive experiences. My final year was the biggest of these as I looked towards creating a hybrid space that not only promoted technologies by using them in the design of the store but also presented the lifestyle that compliments using such devices. 

The Blue Sky Lab is an off branch of the mother brand NIO acting as a hybrid retail-event space that focuses on three key ideas. Demonstrating the importance of concept cars, promoting the futuristic eco-centric lifestyle that compliments concept car ideology and providing a space for the brand to interact with their customer base in discussions about the impact of new car technologies. Using imbedded technologies derived from concept cars the space interacts with users through moving screens and robotic arms that give the impression of being in a car advert as clever projections and smart technologies bring the space to life.