Josh Allen

Interior Design BA(Hons)

FIBRe is a high-end sustainable fashion store based in the east end of London.

The concept and the story of the store come from the rich history of the site. The store is located in Spitalfields, which has a history in trade and fabric weaving. This was the original Flower market building connected to the old Spitalfields market. Growing from the history of the area I have drawn my concept for the store from natural and botanical shapes and forms. The concept for the store was ‘the Fluidity of fabric’ reflecting the fashion industry and heritage of the building. The target audience for the store is millennials in particular people with disposable income. To be inclusive to all, especially those who aspire to own wear high-end fashion, I have included in the space a concept of being able to hire pieces of clothing from the store. Throughout all the floors the idea of fabric flowing through the space can be seen through the feature of bespoke walls and rails that hold the products. I feel this project has allowed me to look further into retail design, growing on my passion to see sustainable fashion within environmentally, eco-friendly interiors. Moving away from the fast fashion and disposable interiors which many of our high streets reflect today. 

As I complete my degree, I hope to transfer this belief that when it comes to design, we should be looking for greener alternatives that have minimal impact on the environment. Creating interiors that work for the environment rather than against it.