Katherine Reed

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Sleeptox - A Therapeutic destination Hotel in Manchester. 

Improving sleep is the biggest health ambition for 26% of the UK. Sleeptox was designed to be a haven for those who aspire to improve their sleep. It focuses on educating people on sleep history and the importance of healthy sleep habits, as well as providing the facilities to both do and learn. The hotel offers a range of treatments such as three different sleep experiences, for those who just need to recharge their batteries and a total of 14 rooms for guests to stay in who wish to improve their sleep in the long run. This option allows guests to partake in sleep monitoring and allows them to talk one on one with a sleepologist to create a personalised sleep plan. This will help guests develop healthier sleep patterns in their day-to-day lives. Sleeptox isn't just a space it's a community of people to inspire and motivate each other to improve their sleep and their lives.