Rebeka But

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Ürban.dose The research proposal investigated what is considered the design of happiness, after a thorough investigation, an FMP called 'ürban.dose' was born. 

The idea was to design a hybrid space with the initiative to increase happiness in urban areas. Ürban.dose was an attempt to hack the human brain and boost mental well-being throughout the experience. The tools scientifically proven to increase happiness were certain foods and activities and the idea of a 'scenic visuals ability to make a person happy'. The concept was rooted in the idea of bridging the gap between urban and natural elements, using concrete to create fluid and organic shapes inspired by nature and creating innovative options for plant integration into the space as a way to bring the outdoors indoors. The final design reflects the soft and hard landscaping inspired by mountainscapes, topography, dripstone caves and delicate flowers. Ürban.dose offers flexible and multifunctional design solutions for its café or exhibition space, workshop areas and mindfulness room.