Rosa Chelest Trigueiros

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Estrelas D’Africa is a restaurant where authentic São Tomé culture is at the heart of the experience.

 At Estrelas D’Africa, we promise to create an exciting place where you can appreciate African cuisine. The restaurant aims to educate people on São Tomé  culture through the serving and eating of celebratory dishes exposing gastronomy roots and cultural meaning through food and dining. The project aims to bring people together, in celebration, providing a memorable dining experience. The restaurant is aimed at users who want to try new things and learn about São Tomé  Culture through food, individuals who are looking for an exciting and new dining experience.

The concept for the space was derived from the symbolism of the São Tomé  flag and the abstraction of the shape of the African continent. The connection to vernacular outdoor kitchens and family feasts drove the ideation around the servery and the importance of community and family influenced choices for the furniture and dining.