Georgia Clarke

Interior Design BA(Hons)

The Libella is a community third space offering learning, social and study spaces for all.

People’s wellbeing was the main driving force of this topic, however wellbeing of everyone is very difficult to narrow down and combat with one design. Following research, a study was found which showed that after looking into common mental disorders that loneliness explained 84% of the association. From this a focused problem was discovered and the steps begun to create an environment that would help to lower this loneliness level. How can this translate to an Interior? The aim of the space was to focus on positive emotions and in turn, overpower negative emotions that visitors may have. To indirectly change peoples' perception of social spaces and in turn allow people to choose their levels of engagement in the space, to slowly encourage participation. To take a dull space and give it an emotion. Joy. Happiness. Belonging. To enhance various feelings when moving around the environment through a range of design and activity. And create ... Little Moments Of Joy