Irene Prodan

Interior Design BA(Hons)

MOOCH is a cycle enthusiast's hub aiming to improve social cohesion and increase pleasure and knowledge around cycling, creating a new cycling culture in Leeds where the values of sustainability are celebrated.

The club is the centrepiece of the bike community, a hub where the company showcase unique, independent brands that support MOOCH’s environmental values, hold events, connects with customers on a more personal level and immerse customers into virtual reality and robotics. An eclectic multi storey wonderland that embodies an anti-car, pro-environment culture. We recognise the urgency of the challenges that face our planet, so our duty is to deliver a space best suited for a flourishing future! A modern space that can "break the algorithm" and "disrupt the ordinary into extraordinary". Why Surrealism? As the literature research conducted found out that Leeds Surrealism group still active today and as well I was always drawn to the work of surrealist & avant-garde artists as Salvador Dali. This illustrates how the cycling world retail experience evolved from an industrial clutter environment of stress to one more leisury and design focused a more human-centric experience with the focus on fun.