Olivia Parsons

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Energeyes is a digital detox retreat in the heart of Woking, Surrey.

The go to destination to escape the digital world and enter an analogue space. Say goodbye to your digital devices and focus on those face-to-face interactions, take part in workshops that engage the mind and see your new creations on display. The inspiration for this project came about from my trip to Peru last September. Throughout the trip there was little signal or Wi-Fi connection. This encouraged us to get to know each other in person as opposed to using our devices and understand what life was like before digital devices took over. Formally known as ‘The Lightbox’, the site was Woking’s first exhibition and museum space. It was important to keep this heritage alive throughout the retreat. They offered social events and crafting workshops by local makers, who will still be involved as it rebrands to ‘energ-eyes’ (pronounced ‘energise’).




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