Signe Nielsen

Interior Design BA(Hons)

GRÖ is an experimental learning space focused on providing deeper knowledge of fungi and all the sustainable benefits they come with.

GRÖ is an innovative and futuristic idea that shows an alternative way of living and makes people question themselves about current lifestyle and habits and how we can come together to create a sustainable future for everyone.The space promotes the use of mushrooms in society by advertising the fashion industry with attire made from mycelium and new innovative biodegradable products such as packaging, bike helmets, interior designs etc. Introducing users to an alternative sustainable material and lifestyle could make a change and start an uprise against overconsuming and over manufacturing and make people get back to when we used to rely on our own skills sets and knowledge to survive and thrive. The space aims to teach its users about the cultivation of mushrooms and how we can use mushrooms when it comes to healing mental illnesses and overall bad health by designing therapeutic break out spaces, tasting experiences and DIY product making. The aim of the experiences is for the user to gain deeper knowledge about different types of mushrooms and feel more confident including them in their everyday lives, whether it’s for mental health issues or poor well-being.




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