Aaron Caton

Product Design BA/BSc (Hons)

Aaron Caton Sutcliffe is a Product Design BSc graduate, passionate about developing ideas and having the skills to make them real. Aaron’s dream is to work with a team of designers solving problems and helping others by doing so, he admires areas such as additive manufacturing and the development of prosthetics as well as furniture design. He has taken part in many team and individual projects from Huddersfield University to working at the Handmade Parade in Hebden Bridge. This is where he got the chance to work alongside a team of experienced designers, who taught him the potential behind recycling materials that would otherwise go to waste. Growing up in Spain and later moving to the UK, he became fluent in both languages and was exposed to another culture, this gave him the ability to observe scenarios and notice details that may usually go unnoticed. He enjoys developing art pieces like paper cut designs, drawing, painting, and fixing things around the house. The project presented has the aim of recycling plastic filaments to make new ones to be used for other 3D prints.