Declan O'Connor

Product Design BA/BSc (Hons)

Declan O’Connor knows that innovative design develops through a rigorous process of creative thinking and problem solving. Informed by his passion for global travel, new places, design and culture, Declan is interested in reaching out to less traditional users, who can be overlooked. Given through challenges and courses through the years at university helping aid people and focused markets became a preferred choice to take forward within the last year of university. Taken from this information a device has been developed to help with the use of liquid medicine, a difficult process for some, reduced to a mere few steps to make liquid medicine possible for the people who once thought liquid medicine wasn’t much of an option anymore. The device called Remedy is to aid the elderly, dysphagia and tremor patients was the chosen concept which was developed through a period of continuous design, testing and prototyping. 3D and 2D CAD was majorly used through the concept creation with 3D Printing and hand craft skills were also involved. A Career path in medical design would be an amazing opportunity, however Declan's design coverage is not focused in just the one direction.



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