Mohammad Hafiz

Product Design BA/BSc (Hons)

Mohammad has worked on many projects over the years ranging from different fields to broaden his understanding of human interaction with products. He has worked for Gardman, Design for Plastics, Doorstep crime prevention, Wallace and Cameron. Each project undertaken has given him the ability to widen his skillset as a designer. As well as gaining valuable insight from industry professionals.
For his final year he looked at problem’s users face whilst working out. As well as looking at products on the market which can be enhanced further to improve their usability. A fitness tracker was redesigned which would allow users to track lower and upper body workouts. As well as auto-syncing the data to allow users to track. Plus, to keep the progress of their workout regimen. Furthermore, he had identified that most fitness trackers are unable to track both (lower and upper) as there are a few hardware and design limitations. Work was produced to industry level by using software such as Keyshot, Solidworks, Autodesk 3DS Max and Adobe Suite. Other course modules allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of how the product would be manufactured as well as marketed.




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