Shezaan Ali

Product Design BA/BSc (Hons)

Shezaan is a driven product designer who loves being able to disassemble existing products around him and reconstruct them for the simple enjoyment of mapping out how products are tailored to be made so well. He has a strong passion for design thoroughly enjoying each and every step of the design process, especially using CAD software e.g. Solidworks and KeyShot to enhance his designs and take them a whole another level. For his final year project, Shezaan revolved it around his personal life and decided to take a look at issues he faces with contact lenses. Contact lenses are a big part of Shezaan`s life as he uses these daily and wanted to design a solution that would improve the hygiene aspect of contact lenses. The hygiene of contact lenses is an issue he has struggled with throughout his years of using them and also found out this to be a bigger issue that affect after conducting some research. The end result after continuous development throughout each stage was a solution which not only improved the hygiene of contact lenses but made it significantly easier to maintain the hygiene of contact lenses.




(PDF – 1.45 MB)