Adam Devanney

Product Design BA/BSc (Hons)

I am an extremely passionate and driven product designer who has turned a love of all things art into a profession with the ability to positively impact the planet through design.
My final major project came about through a hobby for motorsport, when watching a motorcycle race, I realised although safety has advanced hugely for many motorsports, motorcycle racing remains exceptionally dangerous. This then made me reflect on the dangers of riding a motorcycle on public roads which was the spark behind the beginning of research for my product. The HexGo is a motorcycle safety device that aims to drastically shorten the time taken to assess a motorcycle rider post-crash. It does this using numerous impact sensors and a vitals monitors incorporated into removable padding inserts connected via a digital display. The padding inserts are designed to have high shock absorption while maintaining flexibility.
For my placement year I worked at two design companies (Martech UK Ltd & The LEGO Group) where I helped develop products that can now be seen out in industry. I have since returned to Martech UK Ltd as a full time Designer.
Alongside my design work, I have a huge passion for creating artwork.